My Fishing Passion

It is not only about catching a fish, but the journey that got you to this moment, the places it takes you, the people you meet and the icing on the cake is the moment where it all comes together, and you get a fish in the net and let off a big scream of enjoyment.

I have always loved to be on the water whether it was fishing, surfing, spear fishing, or even just snorkeling, and seeing what is happening underneath the surface or the water. I get a feeling like all my worries and troubles seem to melt away whenever I am in or around water, especially when I am surrounded by nature.

The sounds of birds and cicada’s, and then when you have fully emersed yourself in this atmosphere, BOOM A Big Barramundi hits the lure you have been casting while enjoying the serenity and its all on now, the fish jumps, starts to pull drag, you pull back, not giving a inch knowing that if the fish pulls just one more meter of your line, it will be cut on the fallen timber. You fight the fish, then you get it back to the boat and your mate nets the fish, usually after a few extra jumps boat side, the relief and sheer excitement of this moment is amazing.

I usually fish at least 5 times a week. I do a lot of nighttime river fishing so I can still be home to spend time with my family and help with the kids. I also make my own lures out of timber and get even more joy from catching something on a lure I made with my own hands. My favorite species to fish for are barramundi and mangrove jack. They fight hard and dirty, but it is such a reward to land these fish as they usually live in very tight structures.

I also love chasing mackerel and tuna in the ocean, when they run, the speed amazing while the drag is screaming and the rod is bending, it’s so much fun, and they taste good too.

My Amazing Family

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful wife who lets me fish all the time, and three adorable children that also gets a lot of enjoyment out of fishing, not sure if they are as crazy about it as me but they do love to go on adventures, do catch and cooks, or have fish and chips on the boat.

My wife Renee is a superhero to myself and our kids, a real-life super mum/wife. We started dating when I was only 18 and she was 16. We then got married 5 years later, then had our first son Laykn, followed by a daughter Ahlia, and then another son Koah. Spending time and watching my children fish and get enjoyment out of being outdoors and in nature is amazing, letting them explore and see the world in front of their face, instead of on a screen.

Using the first inital of their names, this is where I birthed the name LAKO Fishing Products.

What more can a person want than smiles on the faces of their loved ones.

Even better is when I get to take Renee out on fishing trips with me and she gets just as excited as I do to catch a fish, getting to show her why I love fishing so much and her enjoying it like I do, I am a very lucky guy! It is dangerous when we both keep saying one more cast, then we realise it has been 2 hours past the time we needed to leave to get home on time, hahaha.


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