It literally takes seconds to scent your lure
& there is no stink on your fingers,
thanks to STINK FINGER

I couldn’t Find Anything so I decided to make my own

While fishing I started using scents to see if they worked, and I started to get more fish. But the biggest problem was always getting the scent on your hands, and then on your reel and rod butts etc. It gets everywhere, it is slimy and smells bad. So, I looked to find if there were any scent applicators on market.


STINK FINGER is designed that, two foam pads sit either side of the container, these pads are coated in your desired scent, I tend to mix and match and get a bit of everything in there, then you lay your lure in the device, close it and reopen and your lure is scented. Then you continue to cast until you decide to re-scent as often as you please, once the pads are loaded up with scent, it last ages. If you want more, you just put a bit more in your Stink Finger. It literally takes seconds to scent your lure and there is no stink on your fingers, thanks to Stink Finger.


My first prototype was made from an old peanut butter jar and 2 toothbrush heads, this did not work as the hooks would get caught.


I decided that the lure needs to stay stationary, and the scent applicator needs to move around it. So, I went to bunnings and picked up a few things, then cut up these objects to build the first ever scent applicator STINK FINGER. I tested this home-made prototype for 12 months. And it helped me catch some incredible fish and made using scents a clean and quick.

PROTOTYPE #3:Injection Mold

I then had my final design processed and began production on the plastic injection mold right here in Queensland. We have been using our models for the past 3 months and they are very easy to use and make fishing with scents clean and fast.

We have kept all the design and manufacturing in Australia.
We are proud to be Australian made and owned.

Stink Finger Logo

Designed on the Sunshine Coast Proudly manufactured in Australia